Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Book Review: Core Christianity

Perhaps one of my favourite genre of books (if you can call it a genre) are those that offer brief and robust introductions to the Christian faith. The best are those that not only give a good overview for unbelievers but also strengthen the faith of believers. Core Christianity by Michael Horton is such a book. The main strength is that Horton doesn't just present Christianity as a set of timeless truths to which we give mental assent; rather, the Christian faith is a part of God's unfolding story to which we are invited to take part. He successfully paints a comprehensive picture using four D's (Drama, Doctrine, Doxology and Discipleship). These themes are laid out in an initial chapter and then they run right through the rest of the book. Simply put, Drama is the unfolding of God's redemptive story throughout history. This gives way to particular truths (or doctrines) which cause God's people to respond in worship (doxology). When God's people engage in worship they are truly led into right living (discipleship). I really appreciate how Horton laid out the story of the bible using a covenantal structure. It is through God's covenants with his people through redemptive history that he accomplishes his purposes culminating in the coming of Jesus Christ and his kingdom. He lays it out in such a way so that we see the need for a Messiah and not just an ahistorical perfect-God-man that comes to snatch people up into heaven. Even way that dispensationalists and progressive covenantalists can benefit from. Throughout the book I found that I was actually stopping and giving praise to God for what he has done in Jesus. I was engaged in the story and the truths that I found there caused me to bow down and worship. If Horton is right, then this should ultimately shape me into a better disciple.

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Yvonne Labbe said...

Great article, Nick. It gives a clear picture of what message the author is relaying to the readers. It has obviously impacted you in a positive way !!!!!