Friday, January 16, 2009

R.G. Mitchell Family Books

Here is a brief overview of my family's company that recently went bankrupt. Mitchell Family Books was a Christian book distributor and retail store that was in business for over 70 years. My grandfather was a godly man with a heart for Christ and his word. Perhaps, if my parents let me, I can post some of my grandfather's memoirs. He was a man who loved business, evangelism, the proclamation of God's word and, most of all, his Savior.

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Andrea Staggs said...

Dear Sirs,

I am desperately trying to locate a Christian Soundtrack that your company distributed at one time. My daughter (while a teenager) won a Christian Vocal Talent contest singing this song and using a soundtrak tape we purchased from your company. Over the years, it has become difficult to use. We want to purchase a newer copy; preferably on a CD. The song is "They'll Never Crucify Him Again". Benson Music who used to distribute it in the USA (Tennessee) sold their business some time ago and I am unable to reach any of those folks. I noticed on my cassette tape your name and am hoping you can help me PLEASE. If you have a copy in any version that you will sell to me, I would be most grateful. We want to use it in order for our accomplished daughter (now grown and still singing for Christ) to perform it again. PLEASE.

Andrea Staggs
3403 Heathermoor Blvd
Taylor Mill, KY 41015

Thank you.