Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Gospel in a Nutshell

N.T. Wright: “When Paul talks about “the gospel,” he means “the good news that the crucified and risen Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and therefore the Lord of the world.” Now, that’s about as brief as you can do it” (Interview with Trevin Wax).

Martin Luther: “The gospel is a story about Christ, God’s and David’s son, who died and was raised and is established as Lord. This is the gospel in a nutshell” (Martin Luther’s Basic Theological Writings).


Trevin said...


Do you have a page number for that quote from Luther?

Nicholas P. Mitchell said...

I think it's page 94. Near the bottom of the page. I heard it before and then I found it on google in an online edition of the book.

scott mckenzie said...

hahaha neato - look at that!

Avigdor Liberman said...

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