Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jesus, The World’s True Authority

A few weeks ago thousands of eager voters stood outside in Times Square awaiting the results of this years U.S. election. After the results were in, the mass erupted into celebration at the news that Barack Obama would be the new President of the United States.

Why the celebration? One of the reasons, no doubt, is that people desire change. With all the suffering in the world and all the problems that come with living this side of Genesis 3 people want someone that can help. They are looking for an authority that can make a difference. What they are really looking for is a Messiah.

However, today people are looking for a Messiah, just like in Jesus’ day, that they are comfortable with. “I want an authority that can make things better but please don’t ask me to change!” As soon as someone starts making demands on us and we are suspect of their motives and then we crucify them.

Barack Obama is not the Messiah; he is not even the ‘true’ authority (even though Americans are to respect him since God himself has given him this position). Jesus himself is the real authority. He is the Messiah who can rescue us from this evil age. He is the one who teaches with authority, has the authority to heal diseases, the authority over all evil, the authority to command the ‘natural’ order, the authority to forgive sinners, and, for that matter, he claims that all authority on heaven and earth has been given to him. He is the true authority. He is the Lord of the world.

Do you desire change? Do you want to be delivered from all the evil that surrounds us? Ultimately, no human leader can truly help. The only authority who will bring true everlasting change is Jesus the Messiah of the World. He was crucified by those who rejected his authority (at the end of the day this is you and me) but was raised from the dead by his father; this declared that he was the Son of God with power.

If you desire to be truly saved from this evil age you must recognize, as N.T. Wright says, that the ‘line of evil runs right through you’. All of us are part of the problem. We have sinned against our maker. We need atonement. Only the Christ can give this to us. Believe on him. Believe that he is the only crucified, risen and reigning Lord this world will ever know and you will be saved.